Fight This Mini No.3: Macroid


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Strange protein chains from a nanoscopic dimension, the Macroid cannot truly be said to be intelligent nor even living, at least by the standards of the inhabitants of Omega-Terra. What is known, at least by a few learned sages and shamans, is that at some time millennia ago the Ancient Makers opened a portal to a sub-atomic universe and the Macroid thereby gained entrance to ours.

Fight This Mini No.3: The Macroid is the first in a series of expansion monsters for the Fight This Mutant book published by Mudpuppy Games. Each Fight This Mini 3D-printable miniature comes with a PDF stat sheet in the same format as Fight This Mutant, and contains all the information you need to run this monster in any d20-based post-apocalyptic or fantasy role playing game.

This 3D-printable miniature is ready-to-print without additional slicer supports, and comes in two versions, with files optimized for both SLA and FDM 3D printing.