Fire in the Mohle (PRINT+PDF)


1 × Fire in the Mohle (PRINT)
1 × Fire in the Mohle (PDF)


In a time of the Ancients, this outpost was used by the Great Science Apes to explore the depths of the arteries of the planet itself. It is unclear whether the Great Science Apes were native to this planet or whether they visited, perhaps seeking some valuable research, or completing dangerous experiments somewhere far away from home. But these Apes have left an indelible mark and wealth of riches for an intrepid seeker.

Face off against the dangers of a Cyborg Giant Mutant Possum in order to discover the treasures held in this forgotten facility. Whether you outwit the base security and discover powerful artifacts or die gloriously, this adventure offers hours of fun.

Publisher: Silver Bulette
softcover, 26 pages

Written by: Ian McGarty
Layout and design: Jayson “Rocky” Gardner
Cover art: Chet Minton
Art by: Chet Minton, Tim Burns, Michael Greer, Ed Bickford, Luigi Castellani, Post Mortem Studios, J.E. Shields, Ian McGarty
Cartography: Ian McGarty