Get Me The Juice (PRINT+PDF)


1 × Get Me The Juice (PRINT)
1 × Get Me The Juice (PDF)


A fresh and brand new Mutant Crawl Classics adventure that you can bring to your post-apocalyptic adventure tables.  As a backer, you will get an an early release copy of this brand new adventure module at a discounted price.  “Get Me the Juice” is the second adventure module created and published by Tim Sattley and High Dive Games.  The digital & softcover print editions will be available for general release in October 2022, but all backers will get theirs shortly after the Kickstarter ends!  No waiting months for fulfilment, this module is complete and ready to go right now!

Built on the MCC chassis, this thematically correct scenario is filled with all of the post-apocalyptic situations, locations, artifacts and hijinks you’d expect (not to mention a host of surprises).  Best of all, this adventure can be easily converted into any other post-apocalyptic d20 system, should the need arise.

Published by: High Dive Games
Design, Layout, and Writing: Tim Sattley
Editing: Eric Ungstrom
Cover art: Gambit Melendez
softcover, 36 pages