Moon Mutants No.1 (PRINT)


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Moon Mutants is a zine set in a weird far future version of Urth (and the Moon). It is a spiritual successor of Crawling Under a Broken Moon. This issue includes setting information, some brief history of Umerica’s Inter-Tribal Conflict, and how to implement weird themes into your moon-based dungeoncrawls. New lunar tides are rising, gongheads! It’s time to bring your DCC game to new heights of lunacy!

Issue #1 includes:

  • a new class: the Moon Mutant
  • new vehicles
  • new monsters
  • a new funnel adventure
  • lunar professions and structures
  • rules and advice for mooncrawling madness

Publisher: Dungeon Remixer
softcover, 36 pages

Written by: David Coppoletti
Created and produced by: Christopher Mennell
Edited by: Tim Snider and Todd Frazie
Interior art by: David Coppoletti and Evlyn Moreau
Umerica Consultant: Reid San Filippo