Moon Mutants No.2 (PRINT)



Moon Mutants is a zine set in a weird far future version of the Moon (and Urth). It’s a spiritual successor of Crawling Under a Broken Moon. This issue includes a gizmos & gadgets toolkit, four new metal-warping spells, riding beasts, personal vehicles, media players, and more! The moon is mutating even more in this issue, and this time it’s Hell on Urth! It’s time to bring your DCC game to lunatic levels of laserburn!

Issue #2 includes:

  • a new class: the Ferrodruid
  • new vehicles
  • new monsters
  • a new 9th-level adventure
  • riding beasts and personal vehicles
  • relics of the Format Wars

Publisher: Dungeon Remixer
softcover, 42 pages

Written by: David Coppoletti
Edited by: Bob Brinkman, Tim Snider, Todd Frazie
Interior art by: David Coppoletti
Umerica Consultant: Reid San Filippo