Moon Mutants No.3 (PRINT)



Moon Mutants is a zine set in a bizarre future iteration of the Moon (and Urth). It follows the Umerican zine tradition began by Crawling Under a Broken Moon. Issue #3 focuses on warfare and military operations in the lunar trenches. New mechs, artillery weapons, jumpsuits, and demented enemies abound to torment your PCs. There are battles raging and we need new recruits to wage war and kick ass on the Mutant Moon!

Issue #3 has:

  • a new class: the Lunar Leatherneck
  • new mechs, new military vehicles, new starcraft
  • new monsters
  • a new 1st-level military adventure
  • helmets, blasters, and blood & guts
  • 30 lunar languages and 100 lunar names & titles

Publisher: Dungeon Remixer
softcover, 42 pages

Written by: David Coppoletti
Edited by: Dennis Scalf, Justin Ryan Issac, Todd Frazie
Interior art by: David Coppoletti
Umerica Consultant: Reid San Filippo