Moon Mutants No.6 (PRINT)



Moon Mutants is a zine for DCC RPG that explores the continuing Umerican legacy of Crawling Under a Broken Moon. Issue #6 will take visitors to the Underlair, a twisted hive of cult activity and gods gone feckless. New subterranean mutant underdwellers are introduced, with a new class and crit table: The Deep Mutant. Bio-vehicles, random loot tables, new monsters, more random encounter tables, and a 4th-level underworld adventure: “Underlair” are also included. Get a drill and start digging, this issue has everything (even moon pies!)!

Issue #6 includes:

  • a new class: the Deep Mutant
  • new bio-vehicles
  • new mutant & xeno monsters
  • a new 4th-level underworld urban dungeon adventure
  • random loot tables & loot mutators
  • random encounter tables (for levels 5+)
  • 30 cosmetic mutations, cult secrets, religious esoterica, synodic signs & more!

Publisher: Dungeon Remixer
softcover, 42 pages

Written by: David Coppoletti
Art by: David Coppoletti
Edited by: Denny Scalf, Justin Ryan Isaac
Interior art by: David Coppoletti
Umerica Consultant: Reid San Filippo