Omega-Terra World Map PDF



Set 10,000 years after the fall of a super-scientific culture, Omega-Terra is a savage, retro-future world filled with wonders to satiate desires both subtle and obscene. Under a bloated red sun and the ever-present “sky arc” ring system, the climate is tropical from pole-to-pole. The planet is dominated by mile-high hothouse jungles, sometimes punctuated by crater countries, glow deserts, and shattered mountains. The life found there is a riotous biome of mutated plants and animals, many of them intelligent. All these mutated lifeforms breathe, live, and fight for survival in a land built upon the millennia-old substrate of a fallen technological civilization.

It’s not a world for the faint of heart or weak of mind.

Omega-Terra is the home campaign world of post-apocalyptic author Jim Wampler, creator of Mutant Crawl Classics and the publisher of SCIENTIFIC BARBARIAN megazine.

Art & cartography by: Jim Wampler
11” x 17” full color PDF