This issue contains all the regular features you know and love, many returning authors and artists, and some great new additions to our roster of rabble-rousers. Charles W. Vieser returns with an article featuring one of our most–requested topics — Cybernetics for the Masses! Need a whole inventory of random artifacts of the Ancient Ones guaranteed not to blow up your campaign world for a change? Ian McGarty is here to help with his hilarious The Broken Earth Catalog. We even have James V. West with Insectoid PCs, done in his famous 1-page character sheet style! Daniel J. Bishop joins our ranks to bring us a heady meditation on how to genre-mash your fantasy game with post-apocalytptic content in You Got Data Chips in My Elixir, and if all that wasn’t enough, this issue contains an outdoor wilderness campaign setting called The Shatterback Mountains by our own Jim Wampler.

And of course, our Scientific Comics section returns with dynamite episodes of Knights of the Dinner Table by Jolly Blackburn, Onto the Wasteland by Travis Hanson, and John Darkeye: The Last Good Thief by Dan Smith.

Digest-size, 106 pages

Editor and Designer: Jim Wampler
Consulting Editor: Tim Kask
Copy Editor: Katherine Kirk
Cover Art: Ed Bickford
Contributing Writers: Daniel J. Bishop, Levi Combs, Skeeter Green, Tim Kask, Ian McGarty, Scott Robinson, Dan Smith, James M. Spahn, Charles W. Vieser, Jim Wampler, James M. Ward, James V. West
Contributing Artists: Gerhard Bahnsen, Ed Bickford, Jolly Blackburn, Luigi Castellani, Ala Fedorova, Keelan Halvorsen, Travis Hanson, Jeremy Hart, Barrie James, Eric Lofgren, William McAusland, Stefan Poag, Peter Saga, Je Shields, Dan Smith, Dean Spencer, Jesse Toves, Jim Wampler, James V. West, Chuck Whelon