Seekers of the Un-K’Nown (PRINT)



Welcome to the world of Classics Mutated, where everything old is mutated again! Seekers of the Un-K-Nown is an MCC RPG adventure for 1st level characters.

Chance detonations have awoken something evil — a “smart metal” fiend that is now raiding your village, including kidnapping members of your tribe. The village chief deems it fitting that you and your comrades mount a rescue team to penetrate the dreaded “Lands of Boom” and find the missing captives.

This adventure includes color multi-level maps of the Quartum-Q war bunker, plus all sorts of old school goodness, with a wide assortment of traps, tricks, and wild encounters, all taking place within a sandbox setting. As a BONUS FEATURE, this adventure also includes “The Lands of Boom,” a hex crawl across the ordinance-scattered wilderness leading up to the ancient war bunker complex.

Publisher: Dandyline Games
56 pages, includes 3 color maps

Written by: Louis Hoefer
Edited by: Emily G. Brown
Cover art: Santiago Iborra
Back cover art: Christopher Tupa
Interior art: Louis Hoefer, Santiago Iborra, and Christopher Tupa