Tribal Games: Tournament of Champions (PRINT+PDF)


1 × Tribal Games: Tournament of Champions (PDF)
1 × Tribal Games: Tournament of Champions (PRINT)


A Multiuse Module for Mutant Crawl Classics or any tribal system

Every year, the tribes of your region gather to celebrate the post­planting festival known as “The Donga.” Each day of this celebration is filled with feasting, rituals, and competitions…As a seeker of your tribe, you are one of the most skilled and adept in the ways of battle. It is for this reason that you and your team have been asked to represent your kinsmen, proving your worth in the feats of strength, agility, stamina, and luck that make up the Tribal Games – Tournament of Champions.

The Tribal Games – Tournament of Champions is a series of events where the players can test their PCs against each other as well as NPCs from other tribes. This thematically correct scenario provides any GM with some added variety to an otherwise normal, post­apocalyptic series of campaigns. It can be used as an adventure module unto itself or in­between running other campaign adventure modules.

This module includes:

  • A fun and thematically correct adventure you can fit into any MCC/Post­
    Apocalyptic tribal campaign setting
  • Setting descriptions, alternative uses, and multiple hooks into future events
  • Ways to use it in part of a campaign, or as a standalone module
  • Conversion to run as a 0­level funnel: “The Contest of the Commons”
  • Conversion to run as a tournament event for Free DCC days and/or con event.
  • Read aloud text for each scenario
  • Alternate events and role­playing scenarios
  • Fits into time slots from 30 minutes to 6 hours

Published by: TSG, High Dive Games
Written and produced by: Tim Sattley
Softcover, 28 pages