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Mutant Murder Hobo Dice

Face it. You don’t care what the adventure is called. You’re just there to blow the reactor. And nothing says that you mean business when you kick in a bunker door like rolling a glow-in-the-dark high-impact d20 across the table — unless it’s rolling a different color glow-in-the-dark d20 on your next action! These 20mm glow-in-the-dark d20s come in four different isotopes, so there’s a die for every mutant murder hobo occasion. Charge one of these chemiluminescent babies up with an LED flashlight, and they even glow in different colors with the lights on!

Releasing Spring 2020


Fight This Mutant

NOTE: This book is shipping soon to backers and then will be available thereafter in our online store.

Even at night, the hothouse jungle that is your home never grew this quiet. The hush that had fallen was as quick as it was unsubtle. The noisy nocturnal predator plants, the barely-audible night-flies, and the bilious glow-frogs had all gone silent as one. There was something out there now. Something big.

Then you saw it. It was not big — in fact it was very small. A single flitting creature of the night, a tiny humming-dragon. Normally only dangerous in dread-flocks, this one was a very pregnant female, reptilian abdomen aglow with the life aborning within. Everything would be all right so long as you slowly backed away before —

The draconian’s tiny handspan-tall body coiled and then convulsed. But instead of the expected radioactive flame, she shot forth her newly-born brood, becoming her own dread-flock. A small cloud of voracious insect-sized broodlings paused in mid-air, and then began to drift towards you.

There were many mutations and no small amount of salvaged technology you could have used in that moment, but instead you ran for it. You ran as fast as your three legs would carry you. You ran so fast you have little knowledge of what transpired behind you, except that it must have involved slower, less lucky prey.

This is not the story you will tell later back in the village.

With over 80 pages of savage gaming content stuffed between its covers, Fight This Mutant features 30 brand-new mutant monsters and races, a whole new Ancient Alliance that your player characters can join or fight, a brand-new character class — the Technomacer, and 20 brand-new neural programs including programs from 1st through 5th levels!

Usable in any d20-based post-apocalyptic role playing game and penned by the creator of Mutant Crawl Classics RPG, the creatures, collectives, and classes found in this book will put new mutated meat on the table for the players of any science-fiction or fantasy role playing game.

Releasing Winter 2020

Created and produced by: Jim Wampler
Edited by: Tim Kask
Cover art: Brian Cargile of TwoHornsUnited Creations
Interior art: Ala Fedorova, Bradley McDevitt, J.E. Shields, Dan Smith, Jesse Toves, Jim Wampler, James V. West


Check This Artifact

More Deadly Artifacts for Your Mutant Crawling Game

You caught the glint of metal underneath the dirt and the damp, so you started digging. With a little effort, and one eye on any challengers to your claim, you held your prize.

An artifact of the Ancient Makers!

But now your wariness increases to an almost audible pitch, as you begin the most dangerous of all tasks — you examine its mysterious surfaces, studs, and touchplates. Your fellow rovers, wise to the ways of The Before Time, all begin to back up to a respectable distance, lest they be caught in any mishaps at your hands and their sweating fingertips. Now comes the time for both luck and determination. Can you unlock and master the secrets of this device of ancient imperishable power?

Clocking in at 48 pages and crammed with content, Check This Artifact contains 30 brand-new artifacts of the Ancient Makers, plus a brand-new godlike AI, all for use in your mutant crawling or other post-apocalyptic role playing game. Penned by the creator of Mutant Crawl Classics RPG, these powerful technological treasures are more than mere artifacts, because each item in this book is a plot hook and a potential mini-adventure in the making.

Released Spring 2019

Created and produced by: JIm Wampler
Edited by: Tim Kask
Cover art: Brian Cargile of TwoHornsUnited Creations
Interior art: David Marcus Coppoletti, Cory “Shonuff” Gelnett, Dan Smith, Jim Wampler, James V. West