The Mutant Megazine you didn’t know you needed marches onward!

SCIENTIFIC BARBARIAN No.6 is our special Science & Sorcery issue, and we couldn’t be more proud to bring it to your waiting hands, paws, and claws. Genre-mashing has a long and storied history in role playing games, and we’re here for it. That’s the way the Appendix N authors did it, that’s the way Gary Gygax did it, and it’s worked out pretty well for everyone involved so far.

Each and every issue of SCIENTIFIC BARBARIAN contains a whole splatbook’s worth of great new post-apocalyptic gaming content! This issue, we’re featuring Mark Hunt’s amazing How To Play Thundarr the Barbarian in Your Favorite RPG, the Thundarr-inspired mini-adventure Dominion of Disaster by Tim Snider, and a fantastic editorial piece called Sorcery is Science by the author of The Hero’s Journey RPG, James M. Spahn. And if all that wasn’t enough chocolate in your peanut butter, author Scott Robinson’s Retro-Review of Jack Vance’s The Dying Earth books should top you off.

SCIENTIFIC BARBARIAN No.6 has all this inside its covers, plus the usual comics, fiction, and features.

PRE-ORDERS will ship immediately after all backer copies have shipped in Feb. 2024.

Digest-size softcover, 100+ pages (includes PDF version)

Editor and Designer: Jim Wampler
Consulting Editor: Tim Kask
Copy Editor: Katherine Kirk
Cover Art: David Hartman
Contributing Writers: Jolly Blackburn, Travis Hanson, Louis Hoefer, Mark Hunt, Scott Robinson, Tim Sattley, Tim Snider, James M. Spahn, Stefan Surratt, Jim Wampler
Contributing Artists: Ed Bickford, Jolly Blackburn, Travis Hanson, Bradley McDevitt, JeShields, Peter Saga, Dan Smith, Del Teigeler, Jim Wampler, Owen Warland, James V. West, Wonkee