Relive a bold experiment in publishing, born in the heart of the early boom of gaming!

ADVENTURE GAMING magazine was founding editor and publisher Tim Kask’s third magazine, after The Dragon and Little Wars. In ADVENTURE GAMING, all gamers were welcome. The magazine presented articles, editorials, reviews, and comics that covered a broad spectrum of gaming, from traditional wargames and boardgames to the first generation of role playing games.

ADVENTURE GAMING No.13 features:

  • ILLUMINATI: Paranoia runs rampant on the gaming table
  • Grimm of the Gameboard World (conclusion), fiction by Gardner F. Fox
  • FEUDAL: revamping a family game
  • Spell Law: A new approach to FRPG magic
  • ILLUMINATI designer notes by Steve Jackson
  • Running an ILLUMINAT tournament
  • The College of White Magic: a Dragonquest variant
  • Game Reviews: Ghoulash, Antwars, Sanctuary, Judge Dredd, Broadsides & Boarding
  • The Adventures of Finieous Fingers by JD Webster

magazine format, 48 pages