The Mutant Megazine you didn’t know you needed marches onward!

SCIENTIFIC BARBARIAN No.5 is packed with new content, new-to-us authors, and the same great art and articles you’ve come to expect from our crazed cabal of creative contributors. Every issue delivers a whole splatbook’s worth of great new gaming content and inspiration for your post-apocalyptic or genre-mashed fantasy games.

This issue features articles from rising stars Tim Sattley (Get Me The Juice) and Louis Hoefer (The Time-Lost Citadel and Unnatural Selections), as well as sci-fi content from Top Secret creator Merle Rasmussen. Also new to our pages is Pacesetter Games’ own Bill Barsh, with an exclusive preview of their upcoming post-apoc game Gamma X. We’ve got all that along with other gems from our regular crew, including Ian McGarty’s new monster and playable character class The Chitterlings, the most thought-provoking post-apocalyptic fiction piece we’ve ever published, The Solipsist by author Scott Robinson, and Jolly Blackburn’s Knights of the Dinner Table.

SCIENTIFIC BARBARIAN No.5 has all this inside its covers, plus the usual new classes, constructs, and conjurations.

PDF, 112 pages

Editor and Designer: Jim Wampler
Consulting Editor: Tim Kask
Copy Editor: Katherine Kirk
Cover Art: Travis Hanson
Contributing Writers: Bill Barsh, Jolly Blackburn, Travis Hanson, Louis Hoefer, Ian McGarty, Merle M. Rasmussen,  Scott Robinson, Tim Sattley, Dan Smith, Jim Wampler, Thom Wilson
Contributing Artists: Ed Bickford, Jolly Blackburn, Travis Hanson, Je Shields, Peter Saga, Dan Smith, Del Teigeler, Jim Wampler, James V. West