WAREHOUSE FIND: Marvin the Mage Gary Con VI Collector’s Edition




Between Gary Con IV-VI (2012-2014), special issues of Marvin the Mage were sold and given away in swag bags. Long out-of-print, a small batch of the last of these issues was found lurking in the deepest corners of a warehouse, and now they are available again. Featuring Marvin and the gang’s adventures while attending the con, the three main stories inside should come with their own Bingo card for Old School cameo appearances.

NOTE: If you already own both issues of the Marvin the Mage Treasury Editions, you already have these stories. This one is for true collectors only!

Marvin the Mage
A misanthropic mage and medieval grifter, Marvin loathes actual adventuring. With a spell book optimized for cheating at card games and mixing adult beverages, Marvin has one ironclad rule that has always served him well: NO dungeons and NO dragons. Surly, selfish, and sarcastic by nature, Marvin is best described as just a pixie’s wing this side of chaotic-neutral.

24 page comic book

Written and Drawn by: Jim Wampler