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Bada$$ Bunnies! is a fan zine built on the Mutant Crawl Classics/Dungeon Crawl Classics TTRPG system, consisting of 42 pages in a 5.5 x 8.5 inch format.  You get to play the monsters in this reverse adventure module, where players take on the role of beasts (Tibbar) trying to thwart the plans of a 0-level party of humanoids. This zine allows you and your TTRPG players to play the post-apocalyptic fantasy world from the other side of the table.

Defend your monster’s home against the predations of strange sentient beings! Trick, deter, chase, and destroy these pure strain humans, mutants, manimals and plantients before they get away with your fluffle’s prized treasures. This is a fight for survival.

Bada$$ Bunnies is designed to be used with the Mutant Crawl Classics RPG system or any post-apocalyptic d20 game setting. Originally conceived as a one-shot adventure to be used at con events or between traditional campaigns.  This adventure can also be modified for use as the beginning of a full campaign of tibbar characters adventuring through MCC modules, usually designed for the humanoid scum found in the post-apocalyptic wilds.

Included in this publication are:

  • Character creation rules for 5 distinct classes of tibbar
  • Personality traits and soft-stats to assist with roleplaying each racial occupation
  • Specialized gear designed for these mutant rabbits
  • Recommendations on how to run a tibbar-themed campaign
  • A brand-new tibbar adventure: “We-Are! Tib-Bar!” The Thundering Herd.”

Now grab some lettuce, clean out those giant ears and hop right into the action. It’s time to play Bada$$ Bunnies!

Published by: High Dive Games
digest size softcover, 40 pages
Design, Layout, and Writing: Tim Sattley
Editing: Katherine Kirk
Cover art: Ed Bickford
Interior art: Perplexing Ruins, Ashley Fail, Gambit Melendez, Jack Badashki, Mark Penafiel,, JE Shields,