Our 1st Anniversary issue is a giant-sized issue, with 154 pages of great gaming content. That means SCIENTIFIC BARBARIAN No.4 has all our regular features and comics, plus three (count ’em, three) complete adventures to challenge your players. Night of the Space Apes by Charles W. Vieser reveals a few of the lost secrets of the Great Disaster, while Michael Stewart’s Centers of Repose is an exciting adventure that takes place among the S.A.B.L.E. Rangers he created for Issue No.1. Last, but not least, we present Jim Wampler’s Holding Up The Sky — the underground adventure half of the wilderness hex crawl adventure that began in The Shatterback Mountains from Issue No.3.

We also welcome noted sci-fi author M.C. Neuffer to our pages in this issue, with his soulful tale of one survivor’s grit and determination, Blue Sky.

SCIENTIFIC BARBARIAN No.4 has all this inside its covers, plus the usual new classes, constructs, and conjurations.

Digest-size softcover, 154 pages

Editor and Designer: Jim Wampler
Consulting Editor: Tim Kask
Copy Editor: Katherine Kirk
Cover Art: Mike Hoffman
Contributing Writers: Levi Combs, Skeeter Greeen, M.C. Neuffer, Scott Robinson, Dan Smith, James M. Spahn, Michael Stewart, Charles W. Vieser, Jim Wampler
Contributing Artists: Ed Bickford, Jolly Blackburn, Bianca Gambrioli, Keelan Halvorsen, Travis Hanson, Barrie James, Stefan Poag, Peter Saga, Je Shields, Dan Smith, Jesse Toves, Jim Wampler, James V. West, Chuck Whelon